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    Ayup, Someone Stole Our Sign! WTF?

    Ayup, Someone Stole Our Sign! WTF?

    Budtender Brielle is LIVID. Actually, she's more sad. Alex is being a raging queen right now, however.

    Somehow people think we are a well-funded multinational corporation and can afford to make custom-lit signs at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, such is not the case. If you have any information or leads on our signage, would you be a dear and email us at store@hellomaryjane.com? Thanks much, kittenz!

    Budtender Brielle, The Store, and Joan the Cat


    Budtender Brielle and her BFF Alex took a break from the store this past Monday. Typically they finish off their day organizing the store with a celebratory toke break. This time, Brielle and Alex decided to record their fun for all to see. 

    You don't have to be stoned to watch this. But hey, it probably helps.




    Honestly, Brielle Really Did Say This

    Honestly, Brielle Really Did Say This

    The relationship I have with Budtender Brielle is very strange. I don't know if this is common knowledge, but in the short time that we have been doing our podcast together, she and I had inadvertently become each other's work husband & wife!

    Here's some context for when Brielle dropped this quote: we were working like gangbusters at 1:30 a.m. trying to get a handle on the taxonomy and organization of the huge cannabis literature library that we feature in the Saturday With Mary Jane store. We seem to be some of the first that have gone through the lengthy ordeal of curating a collection that touches on all aspects of cannabis. Also, neither of us went to the trouble of earning Masters Degrees in Library Science, so we felt a bit f**ked by this point.

    So anyhoo, an adorably exhausted Brielle let out this missive in an exasperated tone when the subject of cannabis and addiction came up during our late-night chat.